New IE9 commercial gets it right, Keith Rivers + Alex Clare = dubstep awesomeness

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Microsoft’s slick new commercial shows us an Internet Explorer we haven’t seen yet. The flashy, blink-and-you-miss-it commercial shows us a whirlwind of sleek images of Internet Explorer 9. All this is backed by a forward-thinking song by Alex Clare that combines soulful vocals with the bass-heavy throb of dubstep, one of the newest and most popular styles of electronic music.

Regardless of your feelings towards Microsoft, one has to admit this commercial is exciting. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has gotten a bad rap over the years. The browser ruled the Internet ten years ago, with 95 percent of the Internet’s patrons using IE5 and IE6. Today, the browser is used by only 34 percent of the web’s population. Can Microsoft climb back to the top rung with IE9?